Project Overview


The goal of the $elinsgrove $aves Energy Project is to conserve energy and reduce costs in homes, municipal facilities, businesses, schools, churches and non-profit organizations. By reducing the amount of energy used in Selinsgrove, the $elinsgrove $aves project can increase our economic resiliency and procure additional savings within the borough and the Susquehanna Valley. Long range objectives of the project include using renewable and alternative energy produced and developed locally and procuring jobs for local contractors as they become more familiar with energy-saving implementations and techniques. 

Why Selinsgrove?

Selinsgrove represents many small, rural communities throughout the Northeast.  It has a strong sense of community and is of a manageable size for a energy project.  Like other small, rural communities, many of its members are often unaware of the resources that could effectively reduce energy usage and costs. Together, Selinsgrove residents and organizations are reducing energy use community-wide and moving towards energy independence to achieve significant cost and energy savings.  The SEDA-COG Energy Resource Center will be providing technical assistance to the Selinsgrove community and to the $elinsgrove $aves Energy Project Advisory Committee. The project is anticipating funding from the federal Appalachian Regional Commission and other sources. 

Project Development

The project will 1.) seek to identify opportunities to engage and assist as many members of the community as possible in measuring and reducing their energy use 2.) distribute information on energy-related rebates, financial incentives and free energy-related services available through local, state and federal and energy utility programs, and 3.) track the cost and energy savings through the Energy Tracker tool. 

Why Now? 

Energy costs are rising, but these costs can be managed by improving energy efficiency. Pennsylvania's Act 129, coupled with statewide deregulation of the electric utilities, places renewed emphasis on energy conservation. Electric utilities are creating programs to help customers reduce their energy use, such as rebates to buy and install energy-efficient equipment, recycling programs for inefficient appliances, home energy audits, financial incentives for solar energy systems and geothermal units, pricing options to shift from peak demand energy use, and the distribution of energy-efficient light bulbs. Rebates and incentives will be able to all qualifying customers. 


Click HERE to listen to a interview with ERC Director Stacy Richards on radio station WPGM & WBGM!  She discusses $elinsgrove $aves: The Energy Project current activities and goals. 
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